Project Objectives

The aim of the INNOWAG project is to develop intelligent cargo monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions integrated on a novel concept of lightweight wagon, which would respond to major challenges in rail freight competitiveness, in relation to the increase of transport capacity, logistic capability and an improved RAMS and lower LCC.

The INNOWAG project will determine how to effectively integrate innovative technologies for cargo condition monitoring into a novel high performance lightweight freight wagon, supported by effective health monitoring technologies, and predictive maintenance models for sustainable and attractive European rail freight. The development of novel technology concepts and predictive maintenance models and procedures will be separately addressed by the INNOWAG work streams.

The INNOWAG project will work towards increasing rail freight competitiveness and the development of the next generation of lightweight and intelligent freight wagons by addressing specific challenges in the three essential areas, identified by the call, through three subsequent work streams, namely:

  • Work Stream 1 (WS1): Cargo condition monitoring;
  • Work Stream 2 (WS2): Wagon design; and
  • Work Stream 3 (WS3): Predictive maintenance.

Moreover, INNOWAG will consider the compatibility between the solutions proposed and researched in the three areas, as well as their integration into a novel wagon concept.