Project Structure

Work Stream 1 (WS1): Cargo condition monitoring

The concept behind cargo condition monitoring is to develop an autonomous self-powered wireless sensor system for cargo tracing and condition monitoring of key parameters for critical types of freight, such as perishable goods, high value sensitive goods and dangerous goods. Based on this concept, WS1 within the project scope aims at integrating the suitable existing solutions/technologies of each system module to develop a prototype of the innovative cargo condition monitoring system (CCMS). [read more]

Work Stream 2 (WS2): Wagon design

Motivated by the necessity and opportunity for change in the freight rail transport, the INNOWAG approach proposes technical solutions for freight vehicles to improve the sustainability, competitiveness and availability of freight rail, as well as increasing capacity. INNOWAG aims to develop a high performance lightweight design concept for freight vehicles facilitating cheaper, faster, more logistics capable, and improved quality freight services. The critical aspects related to the novel conceptual design will be validated through modelling and simulation techniques, as well as through laboratory testing. [read more]

Work Stream 3 (WS3): Predictive maintenance.

Predictive maintenance is a key factor in improving the competitiveness of rail freight as it enables the transformation from traditional time-based maintenance to more efficient event-driven maintenance policies. In an optimal situation, wagons would be stopped for maintenance when needed and not at fixed intervals. To enable this dynamic method of managing maintenance, the faults developing on critical components would need to be detected at an early stage. If this could be achieved, the availability of the wagons would increase and the frequency of changing or repairing components would be reduced, and therefore the service life of components would increase, reducing the operating costs of the vehicle. [read more]