Deliverable Reports

Work Package 1: Benchmark, Market Drivers and Specifications

  D1.1 Benchmark and market drivers for an integrated intelligent and lightweight wagon solution

  D1.2 Specifications and requirements for INNOWAG technologies and solutions


Work Package 2: Cargo Condition Monitoring

  D2.1 Overall measurement concept for cargo condition monitoring system

  D2.2 Energy concept for cargo condition monitoring

  D2.3 Wireless data communication concept for cargo condition monitoring system

   D2.4 Validation of Cargo Condition Monitoring System


Work Package 3: Wagon Design

  D3.1 Freight vehicle lightweight concept design

  D3.2 Modelling and analyses of novel lightweight design solutions

   D3.3 Testing of novel lightweight solutions


Work Package 4: Predictive Maintenance

  D4.1 Cost-driven and reliability-driven analysis of wagon condition data

  D4.2 Models for reliability, statistical information, real time health status of the rolling stock, prognostic analysis, and economic data

  D4.3 Wizard tool for maintenance policy optimisation


Work Package 5: Integration, Correlation and Exploitation of Results

  D5.1 Set up an exploitation plan for the project

  D5.2 Integration of cargo monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions on the lightweight wagon concept

   D5.3 Exploitation Report

  D5.4 Report on the use of the results by Shift2Rail