Project Objectives

Main SETRIS project objectives, methodology and expected project impact

The SETRIS project is running for 2 years, from 1st May 2015 to 30th April 2017, with the following objectives envisaged:

  1. To identify synergies between the transport European Technology Platforms (ETPs) strategic and research and innovation agendas (SRIAs) and between these and relevant national platforms;
  2. To review and update the existing SRIAs for each of the transport ETPs within a multi-modal and integrated transport system framework;
  3. To benchmark past and present research initiatives affecting the achievement of integrated transport SRIAs and market uptake;
  4. To define comprehensive, credible and realistic implementation plans for each SRIA in a coordinated framework of running ETPs;
  5. To support, shape and contribute to future TRA events.

Objectives 1-4 lead to two integrated agendas highlighting not only innovations or research activities that need to be conducted but also the changes in governance that are required to facilitate these Agendas. These objectives will be implemented through the involvement, for the first time, of representatives of all relevant transport modes and European Technology Platforms within one single collaborative initiative. The ETPs will develop a framework for long-term cooperation between actors from all transport modes that will support the cohesive and coordinated approaches to research and innovation strategies that will facilitate the delivery of a truly integrated transport system.

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The potential impact of SETRIS for the transport sector is extremely significant and the successful outcome of SETRIS is essential for Europe’s transport future. SETRIS will impact by defining comprehensive, credible and realistic implementation plans for joint SRIAs in a coordinated framework of running ETPs. This is a leap forward is cooperation between the ETPs and is fully supported by the ETPs